Identifying and labeling your LaunchPads

Each LaunchPad contains an on-board XDS110 emulator, which allows flashing and debugging the CC13xx MCU.

In this task you will identify the XDS110 Device ID, also reffered to as the LaunchPads serial numbers, so you can later tell between your multiple boards when more than one is connected to the PC at the same time.

  1. Connect one LaunchPad to the PC, make sure no other LaunchPad is connected.

  2. Start SmartRF studio

  3. In the startup window, locate the XDS Device ID (see red rectangle in the capture below). If the device list is empty, click the green arrow to refresh it.

  4. Write the XDS Device ID on your LaunchPad, including all the letters and digits. You can use a permanent marker for this, as it is going to serve you during any further dealing with the LaunchPad.

  5. Disconnect the LaunchPad from the PC

  6. Repeat the same procedure for the other launchpad(s) you have.

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