Green Power On/Off Switch


This document discusses how to use the Green Power On/Off Switch Sample App and the different parts that compose it. Green Power On/Off Switch Sample Application is an example which exercises different features of TI Z-Stack for a green power device implementation.

Some of the features exercised include:

Hardware Prerequisites

Software Prerequisites

Functional Description

Software Overview

This section describes software components and the corresponding source file.

Application Files

Example Usage

This section describes how to use this sample application.



Commissioning the device Into the network

Green Power Devices can be commissioned to a zigbee network by sending a commissioning GPDF, a GPDF with auto-commissioning or a commissioning tool. A zigbee device with green power proxy capabilities can create an entry for a Green Power Device with the commissioning data. The proxy device will translate the GPDF commands to ZCL notifcations for the zigbee network.

Interfacing with the Light Sink Example App

Once the Light Sink and another routing device are in the same network, put the Light Sink in GP Commissioning Mode from the App Menu in the Green Power Sink Commissioning Screen.

Green Power Commissioning screen

Send the On/Off GPDF from the GP On/Off Switch which has Auto-Commissioning enabled. Then from the Green Power Sink Commissioning Screen disable the GP commissioning mode.

Green Power Commissioning screen

Once the GP commissioning mode is disabled, sending the On/Off GPDF with the GP On/Off Switch will toggle the Light Sink LED.

NOTE: If the LED is not toggled just repeat the commissioning process and try again.