CCS Cloud is a web-based IDE that allows you to create, edit and build CCS and Energia projects. Once you have successfully built your project, you can download and run on your connected LaunchPad. Basic debugging, including features like setting breakpoints and viewing variable values is now supported with CCS Cloud.

Starting with an existing Project:

We recommend that you start your project from an existing example. There are several sources of existing examples:

  • Resource Explorer
  • Energia Examples
  • GitHub Projects

Should I use CCS Cloud or CCS Desktop?

CCS Cloud is a fast and efficient way to get started on your LaunchPad; however, if you require advanced debugging features to figure out why your program is not working, you may want to go with the traditional Code Composer Studio desktop tools. CCS Cloud projects are compatible with CCS Desktop projects, so you can always start with the Cloud tools and move to the professional desktop tools when the time is right for you. The table below may help you to decide which tool is right for your needs:

Feature CCS Desktop CCS Cloud Energia IDE
Code Editing/Building
Support for CCS Projects
Support for Energia (Wiring) framework
Run program on local LaunchPad
Stepping, Breakpoints & Expressions
View Registers and Memory
Advanced Debug and trace
Support for high performance debug probes

Resource Explorer v2.0

Resource Explorer is a web based tool for browsing and accessing contents of Software Packages in the cloud without the need to download the entire package.

With Resource Explorer you can:

  • Quickly find example, libraries and documents related to development board or device
  • View documents and source code in the cloud
  • Import CCS and Energia examples directly to CCS Cloud
  • Download selective content to your desktop

Getting Started with Resource Explorer

We recommend that you start by selecting your development board or device from Resource Explorer selection dropdown. This will result in Resource Explorer filtering all content and only show those related to your selected board or device.

You can further refine your results by searching the already filtered content for specific keys using Resource Explorer filter box.

Use Resource Explorer tree view to quickly navigate through the filtered content. From here you can view, import or download the specific contents you are interested in.

GUI Composer v2.0

Use GUI Composer v2.0 to easily create custom HTML GUIs that can interact with the programs running on your target device. A wide variety of different web components are provided that allow you to control the target device and display data sent from the target device. GUI Composer is Ideal for creating GUI front-ends for IoT devices and Launchpads that can be accessed via the Web from a smart phone, tablet or computer.


  • Allows you to build HTML web pages graphically (simple drag & drop interface)
  • Supports communication with the target device via USB (serial I/O), XDS Debug Port or Internet (MQTT / IoT)
  • Wide variety of components to choose from, including graphs, gauges, dials, buttons, menus, meters, and many more
  • Components configured via easy to use properties
  • Full Javascript editor provided for advanced users.

Check out the Getting Started Guide to get going now!

PinMux v4.0

PinMux determines a mux configuration for your system once you've specified the peripheral signals your system requires external pinouts for. This determination is automatic based on your requirements - you do not need to manually try multiple configurations or resolve conflicts. Once determined, the tool can either generate source code that configures the device at runtime, or a summary file showing the configuration.


  • Enter requirements for your design with an easy to use User Interface
  • A quick auto-solver for finding configurations based on your requirements
  • File View allows you to download one or all generated files at any given point in your design
  • Code Preview View lets you inspect changes to the generated code as new requirements are entered
  • PinMux projects are compatible with the desktop version, allow you to continue your design on any machine

BoosterPack Checker

Use BoosterPack Checker to easily check compatibility between LaunchPad and BoosterPacks. The interface allows users to quickly filter and pick their desired LaunchPad and BoosterPack combinations from the Library, and instantly get the compatibility result. This allows LaunchPad developers to make sure the BoosterPacks they need are compatible before making a purchase.

Pin Summary view

Use the Pin Summary view and hover over one of the BoosterPack pins on the launchpad to get more information on its function, the current pin status (Available, InUse, Shareable, Warning, Error). The Pin Usage summary displays the list of BoosterPacks using a particular pin, and also displays helpful comments associated with the pin.

TI eStore Integration

The convenient one-click 'Buy Now' button from BoosterPack Checker launches the TI eStore and adds all of the selected LaunchPad and BoosterPacks from the tool to your cart (only parts that are available on the TI eStore will be added).

So, explore the supported LaunchPads and BoosterPacks, select and design your LaunchPad and BoosterPack combinations, and purchase your selections all within the BoosterPack Checker.

Please post questions, comments and suggestions using the E2E forums.

Gallery is a page that allows you to access published GUI Composer created applications online. Applications in Shared area do not require log-in credentials to run. TI Cloud Agent will be installed when running applications, if it has not been installed already.


  • Click on a tile to open an application.
  • Private and Shared areas. Anyone can publish to private area. Sharing an application publicly is currently restricted.
  • Text based application search, just enter search terms to find matching applications.
  • Get additional app information by hovering over ? icon to get information on pre-requisites required to run an application.

Supported Devices:

Applications published from GUI Composer support the same set of devices as GUI Composer.


UniFlash for Cloud provides a lightweight method to load target programs to internal flash on a wide range of TI devices. UniFlash and CCS Cloud use the same underlying TI Cloud Agent to provide access to your locally connected TI devices and LaunchPads.

Both a desktop and command line version of UniFlash is also available for the situations where internet access is not available or where a GUI is not needed.

Software manifest and open source licenses

Please see software manifest and open source licenses used for TI Cloud tools.