Edge AI Studio
Free online tools for AI model development, testing and deployment.
Model Analyzer
Remotely connect to real evaluation hardware to deploy and test AI model performance on a TI embedded processor.

Evaluate AI model performance:
  • Select from hundreds of optimized, pretrained models or use a custom model (BYOM).
  • Deploy models easily using industry standard APIs.
  • Get benchmarks for latency, frames-per-second processing, DDR bandwidth, and accuracy.
Available platforms:
* New platforms launching 2Q 2023
Model Composer (Public beta launching 2Q 2023)
Train, optimize and compile AI models for TI embedded processors.

Bring your own data (BYOD):
  • Retrain TI models from TI Model Zoo to fine-tune performance for your unique application requirements.
To evaluate model performance, use Model Analyzer or your own hardware.
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