Multi Sensor

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The multi_sensor project demonstrates the capabilities of the Launchpad Sensortag (LPSTK) development kit functioning as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripheral device. It includes GATT services for each sensor that can be interacted with via a mobile application. This project can be a framework for developing many different peripheral-role applications on the LPSTK.

Hardware Prerequisites

Minimal Setup

This project uses the LPSTK development kit. The LPSTK comes shipped with the multi_sensor project loaded onto the device. This is the minimum hardware required to run the project. To do so, just power on the device. Note that it is still possible to update the firmware by performing and Over-the-Air Download (OAD). See the OAD Service.

Additional Configuration

The LPSTK can be connected to a Launchpad for programming new firmware via JTAG and / or accessing the application's UART log. This can be done by making the following connections:

Launchpad LPSTK
XDS110 Out JTAG (Use ARM 10-pin Debug cable)
TXD 13 (TX)

This is pictured here: