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ADCBuf_Params Struct Reference

ADCBuf parameters used with ADCBuf_open(). More...

#include <ADCBuf.h>

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Data Fields

uint32_t blockingTimeout
uint32_t samplingFrequency
ADCBuf_Return_Mode returnMode
ADCBuf_Callback callbackFxn
ADCBuf_Recurrence_Mode recurrenceMode
void * custom

Detailed Description

ADCBuf parameters used with ADCBuf_open().

ADCBuf_Params_init() must be called prior to setting fields in this structure.

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Field Documentation

§ blockingTimeout

uint32_t ADCBuf_Params::blockingTimeout

Timeout in system clock ticks. This value is only valid when using ADCBuf_RETURN_MODE_BLOCKING. A call to ADCBuf_convert() will block for a duration up to blockingTimeout ticks. The call to ADCBuf_convert() will return prior if the requested number of samples in ADCBuf_Conversion.samplesRequestedCount are completed. The blockingTimeout should be large enough to allow for ADCBuf_Conversion.samplesRequestedCount samples to be collected given the ADCBuf_Params.samplingFrequency.

See also

§ samplingFrequency

uint32_t ADCBuf_Params::samplingFrequency

The frequency at which the ADC will sample in Hertz (Hz). After a call to ADCBuf_convert(), the ADC will perform samplingFrequency samples per second.

§ returnMode

ADCBuf_Return_Mode ADCBuf_Params::returnMode

ADCBuf_Return_Mode for all conversions.

§ callbackFxn

ADCBuf_Callback ADCBuf_Params::callbackFxn

Pointer to a ADCBuf_Callback function to be invoked after a conversion completes when operating in ADCBuf_RETURN_MODE_CALLBACK.

§ recurrenceMode

ADCBuf_Recurrence_Mode ADCBuf_Params::recurrenceMode

ADCBuf_Recurrence_Mode for all conversions.

§ custom

void* ADCBuf_Params::custom

Pointer to a device specific extension of the ADCBuf_Params

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