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PDMCC26XX_Object Struct Reference

PDMCC26XX Object. More...

#include <PDMCC26XX.h>

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Data Fields

bool streamStarted
bool micPowerActiveHigh
bool applyCompression
bool isOpen
uint16_t retBufSizeInBytes
uint16_t pcmBufferSizeInBytes
uint32_t startupDelayWithClockInSamples
const int32_t * decimationFilter
uint32_t * decimationFilterState
size_t decimationFilterStateSize
PDMCC26XX_CallbackFxn callbackFxn
PDMCC26XX_MallocFxn mallocFxn
PDMCC26XX_FreeFxn freeFxn
PDMCC26XX_Pdm2PcmFxn pdm2pcmFxn
PIN_State pinState
PIN_Handle pinHandle
HwiP_Struct hwi

Detailed Description

PDMCC26XX Object.

The application must not access any member variables of this structure!

Field Documentation

§ streamStarted

bool PDMCC26XX_Object::streamStarted

Stream started flag

§ micPowerActiveHigh

bool PDMCC26XX_Object::micPowerActiveHigh

Set to TRUE if setting the GPIO high powers the microphone

§ applyCompression

bool PDMCC26XX_Object::applyCompression

Set to TRUE to apply compression. Setting it to FALSE allows user to apply own compression scheme.

§ isOpen

bool PDMCC26XX_Object::isOpen

Has the object been opened

§ retBufSizeInBytes

uint16_t PDMCC26XX_Object::retBufSizeInBytes

Size of returned buffers

§ pcmBufferSizeInBytes

uint16_t PDMCC26XX_Object::pcmBufferSizeInBytes

Size of the pcm buffer inside the returnBuffer is equal to retBufSizeInBytes - PCM_METADATA_SIZE

§ startupDelayWithClockInSamples

uint32_t PDMCC26XX_Object::startupDelayWithClockInSamples

Some digital microphones have a startup delay. Set the number of samples to discard after powering the microphone starting to clock in data.

§ decimationFilter

const int32_t* PDMCC26XX_Object::decimationFilter

Filter applied during PDM to PCM conversion. Will use default filter if NULL.

§ decimationFilterState

uint32_t* PDMCC26XX_Object::decimationFilterState

Decimation filter state information.

§ decimationFilterStateSize

size_t PDMCC26XX_Object::decimationFilterStateSize

Size of the decimation filter state information in bytes. Should be 6 + 2 * N words long, where N is the number of filter stages in PDMCC26XX_Params.decimationFilter for the default filter.

§ streamNotification

PDMCC26XX_StreamNotification* PDMCC26XX_Object::streamNotification

Stream state variable

§ callbackFxn

PDMCC26XX_CallbackFxn PDMCC26XX_Object::callbackFxn

Callback function pointer

§ mallocFxn

PDMCC26XX_MallocFxn PDMCC26XX_Object::mallocFxn

Malloc function pointer

§ freeFxn

PDMCC26XX_FreeFxn PDMCC26XX_Object::freeFxn

Free function pointer

§ pdm2pcmFxn

PDMCC26XX_Pdm2PcmFxn PDMCC26XX_Object::pdm2pcmFxn

Function that converts PDM input to PCM output

§ pinState

PIN_State PDMCC26XX_Object::pinState

Pin driver state object

§ pinHandle

PIN_Handle PDMCC26XX_Object::pinHandle

Pin driver handle

§ hwi

HwiP_Struct PDMCC26XX_Object::hwi

Hwi object handle

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