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SPI_Params Struct Reference

SPI Parameters. More...

#include <SPI.h>

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Data Fields

SPI_TransferMode transferMode
uint32_t transferTimeout
SPI_CallbackFxn transferCallbackFxn
SPI_Mode mode
uint32_t bitRate
 SPI bit rate in Hz. More...
uint32_t dataSize
SPI_FrameFormat frameFormat
void * custom

Detailed Description

SPI Parameters.

SPI Parameters are used to with the SPI_open() call. Default values for these parameters are set using SPI_Params_init().

See also

Field Documentation

§ transferMode

SPI_TransferMode SPI_Params::transferMode

Blocking or Callback mode

§ transferTimeout

uint32_t SPI_Params::transferTimeout

Transfer timeout in system ticks

§ transferCallbackFxn

SPI_CallbackFxn SPI_Params::transferCallbackFxn

Callback function pointer

§ mode

SPI_Mode SPI_Params::mode

Master or Slave mode

§ bitRate

uint32_t SPI_Params::bitRate

SPI bit rate in Hz.

Maximum bit rates supported by hardware:

Device Family Slave Max (MHz) Master Max (MHz)
CC13XX/CC26XX 4 MHz 12 MHz
CC32XX 20 MHz 20 MHz

Please note that depending on the specific use case, the driver may not support the hardware's maximum bit rate.

§ dataSize

uint32_t SPI_Params::dataSize

SPI data frame size in bits

§ frameFormat

SPI_FrameFormat SPI_Params::frameFormat

SPI frame format

§ custom

void* SPI_Params::custom

Custom argument used by driver implementation

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