Disable External Flash

The external flash consumes energy and can be disable if not used.

By default, SysConfig generate the code to enable / disable the external flash at the end of ti_driver_config.c. In the current release, this code is excluded by a #if0 endif block.

In order to enable the code, you can follow one of the two following options

  • Option 1: Copy-paste the excluded code in your application

  • Option 2: Modify the templates used by SysConfig to generate the code. These templates are stored in <SDK>\source\ti\drivers\.meta\templates.

    • In BoardCC23XX.c.xdt, find and remove the line #if 0 (l 64) and the line #endif (l 151)

    • In BoardCC23XX.Board_init.c.xdt, modify line 46 to uncomment the call to Board_shutDownExtFlash().

    Once done, restart CCS and rebuild the project (right click on the project and select “Rebuild Project”).