EVM Setup Operational Modes

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This guide is intended for users with a TI mmWave sensor evaluation module (EVM). The guide will walk through setting up the boards into either Flashing Mode or Functional Mode. In flashing mode, a program may be loaded onto the device’s external flash. In functional mode, the EVM boots automatically from flash and begins executing the image stored there.

This guide supports several different EVM’s so be sure to follow the steps that apply to your device.

mmWaveICBoost Initial Configuration

This section is only necessary if the EVM is being attached to an mmWaveICBoost carrier board and the carrier board has not been configured for flashing or functional mode previously.

Set S1 Switches

Set the S1 switch combination as shown in the image below. This puts the mmWaveICBoost in its standalone operation as opposed to in development mode for use with a DCA1000.



This section applies to the following boards:

ISK Style Standalone Mode

Hardware Requirements for Standalone ISK Style

Flashing Mode for Standalone ISK Style EVM’s

1. Switch Configuration

Set the mux switches as shown in the image below. The same switch orientation is used for both ISK and ISK-ODS.