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ADCBufCC26XX_Object Struct Reference

ADCBufCC26XX Object. More...

#include <ADCBufCC26XX.h>

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Data Fields

bool isOpen
bool conversionInProgress
bool inputScalingEnabled
bool keepADCSemaphore
bool adcSemaphoreInPossession
uint8_t currentChannel
ADCBufCC26XX_Reference_Source refSource
ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Mode samplingMode
ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Duration samplingDuration
ADCBuf_Callback callbackFxn
ADCBuf_Recurrence_Mode recurrenceMode
ADCBuf_Return_Mode returnMode
uint16_t * activeSampleBuffer
HwiP_Struct hwi
SwiP_Struct swi
SemaphoreP_Struct conversionComplete
PIN_State pinState
PIN_Handle pinHandle
UDMACC26XX_Handle udmaHandle
GPTimerCC26XX_Handle timerHandle
uint32_t semaphoreTimeout
uint32_t samplingFrequency

Detailed Description

ADCBufCC26XX Object.

The application must not access any member variables of this structure!

Field Documentation

§ isOpen

bool ADCBufCC26XX_Object::isOpen

< Has the obj been opened Is the ADC currently doing conversions

§ conversionInProgress

bool ADCBufCC26XX_Object::conversionInProgress

Is the analogue input scaled

§ inputScalingEnabled

bool ADCBufCC26XX_Object::inputScalingEnabled

Should the driver keep the ADC semaphore after a conversion

§ keepADCSemaphore

bool ADCBufCC26XX_Object::keepADCSemaphore

Does the driver currently possess the ADC semaphore

§ adcSemaphoreInPossession

bool ADCBufCC26XX_Object::adcSemaphoreInPossession

The current virtual channel the ADCBuf driver is sampling on

§ currentChannel

uint8_t ADCBufCC26XX_Object::currentChannel

Reference source for the ADC to use

§ refSource

ADCBufCC26XX_Reference_Source ADCBufCC26XX_Object::refSource

Synchronous or asynchronous sampling mode

§ samplingMode

ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Mode ADCBufCC26XX_Object::samplingMode

Time the ADC spends sampling in ADCBufCC26XX_SAMPING_MODE_SYNCHRONOUS

§ samplingDuration

ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Duration ADCBufCC26XX_Object::samplingDuration

Pointer to callback function

§ callbackFxn

ADCBuf_Callback ADCBufCC26XX_Object::callbackFxn

Should we convert continuously or one-shot

§ recurrenceMode

ADCBuf_Recurrence_Mode ADCBufCC26XX_Object::recurrenceMode

Mode for all conversions

§ returnMode

ADCBuf_Return_Mode ADCBufCC26XX_Object::returnMode

The last complete sample buffer used by the DMA

§ activeSampleBuffer

uint16_t* ADCBufCC26XX_Object::activeSampleBuffer

§ hwi

HwiP_Struct ADCBufCC26XX_Object::hwi

< Hwi object Swi object

§ swi

SwiP_Struct ADCBufCC26XX_Object::swi

ADC semaphore

§ conversionComplete

SemaphoreP_Struct ADCBufCC26XX_Object::conversionComplete

Pointer to the current conversion struct

§ currentConversion

ADCBuf_Conversion* ADCBufCC26XX_Object::currentConversion

§ pinState

PIN_State ADCBufCC26XX_Object::pinState

< Pin state object Pin handle

§ pinHandle

PIN_Handle ADCBufCC26XX_Object::pinHandle

§ udmaHandle

UDMACC26XX_Handle ADCBufCC26XX_Object::udmaHandle

< UDMA handle

§ timerHandle

GPTimerCC26XX_Handle ADCBufCC26XX_Object::timerHandle

< Handle to underlying GPTimer peripheral Timeout for read semaphore in ADCBuf_RETURN_MODE_BLOCKING

§ semaphoreTimeout

uint32_t ADCBufCC26XX_Object::semaphoreTimeout

Frequency in Hz at which the ADC is triggered

§ samplingFrequency

uint32_t ADCBufCC26XX_Object::samplingFrequency

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