Data Fields
I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs Struct Reference

I2S Hardware attributes. More...

#include <I2SCC26XX.h>

Data Fields

uint_least8_t pinSD1
uint_least8_t pinSD0
uint_least8_t pinSCK
uint_least8_t pinMCLK
uint_least8_t pinWS
uint8_t intPriority

Detailed Description

I2S Hardware attributes.

intPriority is the I2S peripheral's interrupt priority, as defined by the TI-RTOS kernel. This value is passed unmodified to Hwi_create().

pinSD1 and pinSD0 define the SD0 and SD1 data pin mapping, respectively. pinSCK, pinMCLK and pinWS define the SCK, MCLK and WS clock pin mapping, respectively. All these pins are typically defined with a macro in a header file, which maps to an IOID.

A sample structure is shown below:

const I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs i2sHWAttrs[CC26X2R1_LAUNCHXL_I2SCOUNT] = {
.intPriority = ~0,

Field Documentation

§ pinSD1

uint_least8_t I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs::pinSD1

Pin used for SD1 signal.

§ pinSD0

uint_least8_t I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs::pinSD0

Pin used for SD0 signal.

§ pinSCK

uint_least8_t I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs::pinSCK

Pin used for SCK signal.

§ pinMCLK

uint_least8_t I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs::pinMCLK

Pin used for MCLK signal. Non used in most of the applications.

§ pinWS

uint_least8_t I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs::pinWS

Pin used for WS signal.

§ intPriority

uint8_t I2SCC26XX_HWAttrs::intPriority

I2S Peripheral's interrupt priority.

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