Data Fields
PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig Struct Reference

PDMCC26XX_I2S Hardware configuration. More...

#include <PDMCC26XX_util.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t wordLength:5
uint8_t sampleEdge:1
uint8_t dualPhase:1
uint8_t memLen:1
uint8_t dataDelay

Detailed Description

PDMCC26XX_I2S Hardware configuration.

These fields are used by the driver to set up the I2S module

A sample structure is shown below (single PDM microphone):

Field Documentation

§ wordLength

uint8_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig::wordLength

Number of bits per word (8-24). Exact for single phase, max for dual phase

§ sampleEdge

uint8_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig::sampleEdge

Sample edge. Data and Word clock is samples, and clocked out, on opposite edges of BCLK. 0: NEG (Data is sample on the negative edge and clocked out on the positive edge) 1: POS (Data is sample on the positive edge and clocked out on the negative edge)

§ dualPhase

uint8_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig::dualPhase

Selects dual- or single phase format (0: Single, 1: Dual)

§ memLen

uint8_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig::memLen

Size of each word stored to or loaded from memory (0: 16, 1: 24)

§ dataDelay

uint8_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig::dataDelay

Number of BCLK perids between a WCLK edge and MSB of the first word in a phase

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