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Data Fields
GapScan_Evt_AdvRpt_t Struct Reference

Event for advertising report. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t addr [B_ADDR_LEN]
 Address of the advertising device.
GAP_Addr_Types_t addrType
 Public, random, public ID, random ID, or anonymous.
uint8_t advSid
 SID (0x00-0x0f) of the advertising PDU. 0xFF means no ADI field in the PDU.
uint16_t dataLen
 Length of the data.
uint8_t directAddr [B_ADDR_LEN]
 TargetA address.
GAP_Addr_Types_t directAddrType
 Type of TargetA address in the directed advertising PDU.
uint8_t evtType
uint8_t * pData
 Pointer to advertising or scan response data.
uint16_t periodicAdvInt
 Periodic advertising interval. 0 means no periodic advertising.
GapScan_ScannedPhy_t primPhy
 PHY of the primary advertising channel.
int8_t rssi
 -127 dBm <= RSSI <= 20 dBm
GapScan_ScannedPhy_t secPhy
 PHY of the secondary advertising channel.
int8_t txPower
 -127 dBm <= TX power <= 126 dBm

Detailed Description

Event for advertising report.

Field Documentation

§ evtType

uint8_t evtType

Bits 0 to 4 indicate connectable, scannable, directed, scan response, and legacy respectively

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