Data Fields
ADCBufCC26XX_ParamsExtension Struct Reference

CC26XX specfic extension to ADCBuf_Params. More...

#include <ADCBufCC26XX.h>

Data Fields

ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Duration samplingDuration
ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Mode samplingMode
ADCBufCC26XX_Reference_Source refSource
bool inputScalingEnabled

Detailed Description

CC26XX specfic extension to ADCBuf_Params.

To use non-default CC26XX specific parameters when calling ADCBuf_open(), a pointer to an instance of this struct must be specified in ADCBuf_Params::custom. Alternatively, these values can be set using the control function after calling ADCBuf_open().

Field Documentation

§ samplingDuration

ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Duration ADCBufCC26XX_ParamsExtension::samplingDuration

Amount of time the ADC spends sampling the analogue input

§ samplingMode

ADCBufCC26XX_Sampling_Mode ADCBufCC26XX_ParamsExtension::samplingMode

Specifies whether the ADC spends a fixed amount of time sampling or the entire time since the last conversion

§ refSource

ADCBufCC26XX_Reference_Source ADCBufCC26XX_ParamsExtension::refSource

Specifies whether the internal reference of the ADC is sourced from the battery voltage or a fixed internal source

§ inputScalingEnabled

bool ADCBufCC26XX_ParamsExtension::inputScalingEnabled

Disable input scaling. Input scaling scales an external analogue signal between 0 and 4.3V to an internal signal of 0 to ~1.4785V. Since the largest permissible input to any pin is VDDS, the maximum range of the ADC is effectively less than 3.8V and continues to shrink as the battery voltage drops. With input scaling disabled, the external analogue signal is passed on directly to the internal electronics. Signals larger than ~1.4785V will damage the device with input scaling disabled.

Input scaling status Maximum permissible ADC input voltage
Enabled VDDS (Battery voltage level)
Disabled 1.4785V

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