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PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object Struct Reference

PDMCC26XX_I2S Object. More...

#include <PDMCC26XX_util.h>

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Data Fields

bool isOpen
uint8_t blockCount
uint16_t blockSizeInBytes
PDMCC26XX_I2S_RequestMode requestMode
uint32_t requestTimeout
int32_t sampleRate
PIN_Handle pinHandle
PDMCC26XX_I2S_TransferSize blockSizeInSamples
PDMCC26XX_I2S_CallbackFxn callbackFxn
PDMCC26XX_I2S_MallocFxn mallocFxn
PDMCC26XX_I2S_FreeFxn freeFxn
PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig audioFmtCfg
PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioPinConfig audioPinCfg
HwiP_Struct hwi
SemaphoreP_Struct blockComplete
SemaphoreP_Struct semStopping
PIN_State pinState
PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioClockConfig audioClkCfg

Detailed Description

PDMCC26XX_I2S Object.

The application must not access any member variables of this structure!

Field Documentation

§ isOpen

bool PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::isOpen

Has the object been opened

§ blockCount

uint8_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::blockCount

Number of PDM buffers the I2S driver can fill without the PDM driver processing them. Must be larger than 3.

§ blockSizeInBytes

uint16_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::blockSizeInBytes

Size of an individual PDM block buffer in bytes

§ requestMode

PDMCC26XX_I2S_RequestMode PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::requestMode

Blocking or return mode

§ requestTimeout

uint32_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::requestTimeout

Timeout for the request when in blocking mode

§ sampleRate

int32_t PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::sampleRate

I2S bit clock frequency in Hz. If negative, or not one of I2S_SAMPLE_RATE_16K/_24K/_32K/_48K then use user configured clock division.

§ pinHandle

PIN_Handle PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::pinHandle

PIN driver handle

§ blockSizeInSamples

PDMCC26XX_I2S_TransferSize PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::blockSizeInSamples

I2S DMA transfer size, determines the block size in number of samples. Each sample consumes either 16 or 24 bits, set by PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig.memLen

§ callbackFxn

PDMCC26XX_I2S_CallbackFxn PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::callbackFxn

Callback function pointer

§ mallocFxn

PDMCC26XX_I2S_MallocFxn PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::mallocFxn

Malloc function pointer

§ freeFxn

PDMCC26XX_I2S_FreeFxn PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::freeFxn

Free function pointer

§ currentStream

PDMCC26XX_I2S_StreamNotification* PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::currentStream

Ptr to information about the current transaction

§ audioFmtCfg

PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioFormatConfig PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::audioFmtCfg

I2S audio format configuration

§ audioPinCfg

PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioPinConfig PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::audioPinCfg

I2S pin configuration

§ hwi

HwiP_Struct PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::hwi

Hwi object handle

§ blockComplete

SemaphoreP_Struct PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::blockComplete

Notify complete PDMCC26XX_I2S block transfer

§ semStopping

SemaphoreP_Struct PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::semStopping

PDMCC26XX_I2S stopping sequence semaphore

§ pinState

PIN_State PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::pinState

PIN driver state object

§ audioClkCfg

PDMCC26XX_I2S_AudioClockConfig PDMCC26XX_I2S_Object::audioClkCfg

I2S clock division override and clock config

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